P8P67 EVO vs Fatal1ty

Hey all,

I'm having real fun with a lack of supply on my selected websites ( and I've gone from the MSI P67A-GD65 Motherboard to the ASRock P67 Extreme4 to the ASRock P67 Extreme6, which is now also gone!

I would like to purchase ASAP and would love any input on either ASUS's P8P67 EVO or ASRock's Fatal1ty P67. At this point as I've gone up the ladder in MoBos I'm OK with paying the extra to ensure I have a good base to my build.

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  1. You need a Gigabyte motherboard. EVO? I have owned one, still do. The good news is that the price of scrap copper is rising. Might get $1.25 for it someday.
  2. Why Gigabyte? And which one? I can get the UD4B3 for $220.

    And now the Fatal1ty is out of stock too. I was about to pick that one!
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    Get the EVO..the fatality board is decent..but, the evo has great features, and a good price to match
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