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hey there im looking to get a new cheap and good power supply that has at has over 500 Watt what do you think i should get?
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  1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817341016&cm_re=OCZ_500W-_-17-341-016-_-Product

    Get this. It's modular. It's really freaking good and its cheap. I don't know how they do it, but this is by far the best one for 500W.

    Or if you want 600W get:
    49.99 AFTER MIR lol
  2. Maybe you should tell us what system you will be using it in, and maybe a ball park budget.
  3. Hey there i have a dell xps 420 computer and here is my computer info.

    intel(R)core(tm)2 duo cpu E6850 @ 3.00ghz 2.99ghz ram 3.00 gb
    system type 32-bit operating system and the reason why i need a new power supply is so i can use Sapphire Radeon Toxic HD 5850 1 GB
  4. Either of those OCZ PSUs would do for you.
  5. Yep i own a 600W ModXtreme and i have no complaints.
    Quiet and efficient a good unit for the price.
  6. I bought the 600W ModXtreme for my HTPC. I knew OCZ was decent. Then I read a review on johnguru.com that linked to hardwaresecrets.com and I was blown away. The OCZ 600W was absolutely lauded by the reviewer. Had no negative comments. And it was a 6 pages extensive review.

    I recommend it to everyone now. Especially considering you can get a modular 700W PSU for under 100 bucks.
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