Best air cooler for 4.0 GHZ

hi guys
im using my i7 930 on 3.555 GHZ and i disabled the HT technology now the load on the 4 cores is 100% im using my stock cooling i want to know if it possible to reach 4.0 ghz with air cooler or i have to buy liquid cooler im thinking of this coolers
cooler master v8
thermaltake frio
if you have any ideas please fill me in
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  1. The Noctua NH-D14 or the Thermaltake Frio should both be able to handle an i7 @ 4GHz well.
  2. Thermalright Venomous X or HR-02 or Prolimatech Supermega .
  3. The V6 GT is a decent cooler also, not the best but knocks the V8 out.

    But honestly, $30-40 coolers can do 4Ghz on an i7, the 212+, Performa, Xigmatek Darknight/HDT are fine choices.
  4. You didn't mention your case so some coolers like the Frio,V6GT,and V8 are 165mm tall and may not fit.
    Most others are 160mm or less.
  5. my current case is thermaltake m9d but im gonna swap it out with thermaltake speedo
  6. the thermalright silver arrow is also a beast
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