I've just installed a new psu, an ssd into a new case.. I had an issue with my ssd it seemed, got stuck on post screen with these weird moving vertical lines. That got fixed after disconnecting the sdd. I'm not sure about the systems stability after that, I did BSOD for an unknown reason. Anyway, I powered off to sort out the ssd issue, trying different sata cables etc., then boom. HDD started clicking. I think what caused it was the motherboard end of the sata cable not being plugged in properly, was right angled.

So now I'm looking for advice on the best route to take. I don't have a recent backup. I have another 1TB drive. I really, really need to get this working again, at least for long enough to back up. I'm willing to try surgery but don't know where to start. The clicking does suggest the data platters are in tact

If you could share your advice on what action to take or drop a link on a guide/video I could use it would be great! Cheers
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  1. Oh, it's not the ssd clicking, that was a different issue. Def the HDD clicking, won't boot

    Thanks for the reply
  2. Buy a new hard drive. Pray. Attempt to copy files. Celebrate/Cry/Both depending on its success.
  3. It's dead Jim.

    The sorrow sound of a failed drive.
  4. Any recommendations for surgery guides? Looking for my windows disk, going to install on the SSD... If that's even possible straight out the box? Doubt I'll be able to access data this way but worth a shot :/
  5. Of course you can install straight to your SSD.

    You might want to review the PSU guide in my sig. Did you buy some cheap PSU?

    A HDD is an incredibly delicate item internally. It can only be operated on in a completely dust free clean lab. If there is data you must have on there and you are not able to access the drive yourself, there is still a possibility that the data can be recovered, but it will be expensive.

    Again, DO NOT open the drive yourself. There is nothing you could do even if you did.
  6. Thanks for the replies and link. I installed windows on my ssd, the drive didn't work.. After some more clicks it died completely! Now to see what Samsungs warranty are like :p

    Brought a corsair AX850 btw. Anyway, any recommendations on the most efficient, space saving way to backup? Assuming one has 2 hdds. I don't wanna raid1 tho
  7. Samsung will not recover your data, they will just replace the drive with a new one, so if you want your data you should recover them before sending it to Samsung. It's possible changing the control circuit of the disk to revive it, and you may find such on ebay /or to buy an used disk like yours to take what you need from it/, but it's better to let the professionals to do it if you are not sure how to do it.
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