Help choose a PSU

I recently switched computers and apparently the one my dad had has 300W PSU(hec-300ar-tf).

the system has:
ati sapphire hd 5770 (claimed to need 550W)
intel core 2 duo E6850 3ghz
2 gb ram
1 dvd/rw
2 generic fans

I need help choosing a PSU, the choices I have available here are:

golden tiger

Thanks a lot!
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  1. I would look at the Corsair 550VX, Antec TP-550 or the Seasonic S12II 520W, either of those three would have no problem powering you system and can handle a more powerful video card in the future. If you are on a slightly tighter budget an Antec EA 500D will power it fine too, its not quite as nice as the first three but its still very good.

    The wattage rating on video cards is done using a very high end system so its exaggerated quite a bit, but HEC PSUs are pretty crappy and those are the type of unit they exaggerate the rating for, because even a POS 550W HEC unit can handle a 5770, but a 300W HEC unit doesnt stand much of a chance for long.
  2. Antec apparently isn't available anymore in the shop i was looking at.

    also, the seasonic S12II 520W is cheaper by a bit but out of stock out of those that you mentioned which one you would reckon is the better?
  3. The Seasonic is a bit newer than the Corsair 550VX, and TP-550 and performed extremely well in a review at jonnyguru so i would take it over the 550VX especially if its a bit cheaper too, the TP-550 has the advantage of being modular but if the shop doesnt carry antec any more it doesnt matter.
  4. there is a seasonic S12II 520W in the modular version which is still cheaper than 550VX so that might be the way to go? (haven't explored the details of PSUs so rather ask hehe)
  5. just noticed that a non modular S12II 620W seasonic is cheaper by a bit than the 520W modular so might simply choose this one, more can't hurt can it? lol
  6. I would take modular over the extra wattage, more wattage wouldnt hurt anything but you arent going to use it with your setup unless you add in a second 5770 in CF, modular makes it easier to deal with the cables since you have fewer.
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