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  1. Other than having limited HDD space by today's standards it looks like you are off to a pretty decent build. You could save a few $$$ on the mouse (get a basic mouse) and use that money to get a much bigger HDD if you just buy the case without the combo. Something like this Samsung HDD would be much better in the long run:

    Good luck!
  2. Hard Disk capacity does not concern me too much as I usually get rid of videos once I am done with them. I usually only have the bare things needed to run on my hard drive and have all of my shows stored on an external drive. Right now I am only using 40 GB/200 GB of my current drive.

    Thanks though. I'll consider. I was banking on the mouse because I've never been able to have a hope for enjoying my games (now it's touchpad + integrated graphics; before it was just terrible integrated graphics + mouse) If it's not much of a difference, I'll swap it out.
  3. I am using the very mouse you are thinking about right now and I have to admit, it is a great mouse. The choice is yours and I understand your HDD/storage use. Still you have put together what should be a pretty decent box. Enjoy!
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