10.4 drivers and 5770s Crossfire

I've been thinking about picking up another 5770 for a crossfire setup and I was wondering how the latest drivers perform. Are there huge issues with this setup and the latest drivers? For those that do have 5770s CF what's your opinions with 2x5770?
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  1. The latest drivers are actually 10.5 :D
    and as for its performance,2 HD 5770s will perform pretty much like a 5850(faster in some games),but what resolution do you play at ? and also what are your other system specs ?
  2. Specs:

    i5 750
    asus p7p55d pro
    4 gb gskill ripjaws
    xfx 5770
    600w psu
    antec 300 case

    I've been thinking either spring for a 5850, or just buy another 5770 since I have one already. I know 2x5770s will run similarly to a 5850 and OCed can almost reach speeds of 5870s, but I was mainly concerned with how buggy the crossfire technology is nowadays, primarily for the 5770.
  3. You didn't mention your resolution but IMO getting a 5850 is a wiser choice,because it runs cooler and quieter than 2 5770's and also has less power consumption
  4. That really depends on the resolution,upgrading from a 5770 to a 5850 will give him a great boost in games,however if he plays at a low resolution like 1280x1024,then its not worth it,otherwise the performance gain is noticeable because a 5850 performs pretty much like 2 5770s.
  5. I'm running 1920x1080. I can run all my games fine with the exception of BC2 right now at this res.
  6. I tried OCing it and it didn't work out too well (I had a previous thread about that experience) so I'm a little worried about trying it again lol. I run BC2 really well, a little choppy in very few instances, but I fig I might as well see what Crossfire can do. I do intend to OC the card in the future again when I get the balls lol. Is it hard to OC in crossfire mode?
  7. Quote:
    5770's in X are more on par with a 5870 then a 5850

    Yes but the difference isn't huge
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    thestrangebrew said:
    I'm running 1920x1080. I can run all my games fine with the exception of BC2 right now at this res.

    Well you can get another 5770 for CF,or you can get a 5850,performance wise they are pretty much the same(2 5770s are faster in some games,but not a huge difference),but like i said,5850 runs cooler and quieter than 2 5770's,its your call :) both are great options
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  10. Sorry for the slow response as I was out of town all weekend. Here was my problem initially Psycho:

    I closed the thread because the issue pretty much just stopped happening for no apparent reason. Right now, I've OCed both cards to about 950 mhz on stock voltages and memory speeds and it seems to run fine. Played quite a bit last night with no problems so I think I'll prob. just stick to that. For now anyways!
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