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hi i am in the verge of buying a 240 gb or a 120gb ssd but i am very confused about my setup. i want to have the ssd as a boot drive with very commonly used software on it ie microsoft word and firefox etc but i want things like my games files and movies on my 1tb wd blue hdd. is it possible to have the ssd as a boot only and my hdd with games on it and still being able to install and play games live from the hdd?? also is it possible to copy my os and drivers straight from my hdd to ssd
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  1. also i am using an amd system therefor i cant use intels srt stuff
  2. Do some reading, here are some good articles. The windows optimization and tweaks section will help you set up your documents and programs to default to the HDD instead of the SDD.
  3. You can clone the SSD from your HDD using a device from a company called Apricorn. Then reformat the HDD and use it as you wish.
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