Want to add a third display, an HDTV to my setup

Hi everyone,

I thought here would be a great place to ask my question. I am currently selling off my dedicated HTPC due to some financial trouble and will be attempting to consolidate my computing and multimedia needs within just my one main computer. I currently have a dual monitor setup in which I utilize a Sapphire 4850 (100245L) for my 2 DVI connected monitors.

What would be the best way to stay connected the way I am right now and add a third display, that being my Sony HDTV, via HDMI? Obviously I am looking at getting a new video card here. Whats the best way to go? I would like to stay within a reasonable price range and enjoy, hopefully a fuss free, tri-monitor experience. Should I get a whole new graphics card to support all 3 displays if possible or one on top of what I have right now... if thats possible? My motherboard is an MSI P55M-GD45. Thanks for any advice, cheers! :)
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  1. You could crossfire another 4850, but that x4 speed on the second link would bottleneck it, and it would take lots of power... I would recommend a 5750 or 5770. Here's a 5750 for $100 after rebate:
  2. Are you going to be gaming or just watching/browsing the internet?
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