Did I fry my PSU?

I was playing League of Legends when my computer suddenly turned off and wouldn't turn back on.
I'm posting this from my laptop. Does this mean I fried my PSU?

My graphics card is ati 4850 and my processor is the phenom x4 955. My PSU is an Antec 430 watt and it's been working fine for over a year already.
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  1. Is your PSU an Antec EA430 or an EA 430 D?

    When you push the power button does anything happen? Any lights come on or fans spin? You can check to see if your PSU is totally toast using the method shown in this video
  2. I think it's the first one. Nothing happens when I push the power button and nothing happened when I tried the test. I guess I need to buy a new one.
  3. Nothing happened when you tested it? The case fan did not spin up? If so then your PSU is 100% dead and you need a replacement, hopefully it didnt take anything with it when it died.
  4. ^Like your motherboard.Or your system is pulling more power then the antec can provide so it auto shut itself off.
  5. First thing is to disconnect EVERYTHING but leave power to the motherboard and then test it.. If that fails and nothign spins/boots.. Hop off down to the nearest Computer Shop/Online and order yourself a PSU Mate :-)
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