Does adding new ddr3 Ram need to match?

I currently have 2X 1Gb DDr 3 Patriot ram (it has the metal plates around the ram).
The motherboard is a Biostart 870+ with 4 slots, 2 different colors.
Do I need to get another set of dual channel memories?
If I just get a single 2GB kingston ram what will happen, will I lose performance?
Should the new ram I get have the metal heat sinks around the ram sticks also?
I will be adding for more performance in media core games (battlefield bad company 2)
My video card is pny gts 250
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  1. For highest performance, you should get a set of dual channel ram. In practical terms, you would not lose much if you just got 1 stick of ram, less than 2% loss.
  2. Hi.

    1- If you install a single 2GB stick your RAM will not run in dual channel, that means less performance.
    2- If you prefer avoid possible compatibility problems, is recommendable that you add the same RAM model that you currently have. If you can't, then add a RAM with same specifications that your current one.
    3- 4GB is the basic RAM for a gaming rig today, you will see a difference but with a better GPU will see a better one.
  3. I dont think I can find the same model on newegg.
    So its either a dual channel set or a single 2gb stick
    And I dont know if i should get one with the metal plate heatsink on it or not.
  4. If you can't find the same model, go with a kit with similar specs.
  5. What if i buy just another 1 single GB ram
    If I later add the identical one will it still work dual channel?
  6. Yeah, but while you keep the 2x1GB plus 1x1GB you RAM will not run in dual channel.
  7. Sounds good
    The reason I ask is its literally 14 bucks for a single stick
    Cant go wrong
  8. do the heatsink plates make any noteable difference?
  9. Like all components, those heatsink are for heat dissipation and less heat means better performance.
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