Which drive is better?

This Seagate 7200.11 1.5tb:

Or the Samsung Spinpoint F3 1tb:

I like the 500GB extra, but space isn't all that important to me, I want to know what kind of performance difference there is between these two drives, is it big?
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  1. The 7200.11 models had a lot of problems. I'd opt for the Samsung.

    Have a look at some HD Tune read benchmarks:

    Product Manual. Barracuda 7200.11 Serial ATA:
  2. Are you using the drive as your MAIN Windows drive or as a second drive?

    You generally want the FASTEST drive for Windows (faster but noisier) and the SLOWEST drive for backup (slower but quieter).

    The drives you mention are unlikely to be very different in performance.

    FYI, the general trend is to get an SSD (i.e. 128GB Samsung 830) for Windows and programs, and a hard drive for backup, downloads etc. (even games if you have a lot).
  3. Outta the two, 7200.10 or 7200.12 are fine ..... 7200.11 was funky, get the F3.

    But both have rather chinsy 1 year warrantees
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