Install W7 on brand new samsung 830 SSD?

I've heard you're not meant to install an OS straight onto an SSD without updating the firmware first, is this true? I don't have another machine to update the firmware on it before install, so I would have to install to the HDD then onto the SSD after firmware update, is this right?
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  1. no its not true, entirely - unless the ssd in question has older firmware then what's available now, and the newer firmware will enhance the capabilities pertaining to your use

    if those cases are true then you might want to see if a newer firmware is available and use the manufacturers guidelines in updating it

    in most cases, if you install the OS and progs, then update the firmware, you will have to reinstall the OS and then the progs, it essentially puts the drive back to fresh and clean
  2. With the samsung 830 and samsung ssd magician it can generally update the firmware without being destructive. I would go ahead and install Win, get base drivers in place then install the software and check for an update.
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