SSD won't detect on BIOS, but shows on Disk Management

Hey there, I made a thread a while ago but no replies, circumstance has changed since then.

Basically, I got a Samsung 830 series 256GB SSD, wouldn't detect in BIOS, changed all viable settings in BIOS, updated BIOS, updated firmware of SSD but no luck, the SSD would not detect.

So, I RMA'd it for another one, this ended up also having the exact same issue, pointing towards a potential problem with my computer. I tried the SSD in another computer where it showed up absolutely fine.

After this, I came to conclusion that my system simply was not compatible with the SSD and swapped out for a Crucial M4 due to its excellence in compatibility.

Low and behold, this SSD also DID NOT WORK! Same problem as before, and tested again in another computer to check it indeed worked.

If I hot-plus the SSD, Windows always sees it in Disk Management however, although when I try to format it, it will ALWAYS fail and stay in RAW, although it states it is a "healthy" partition.

My motherboard is an Asus ROG Crosshair V Forumula, uses AMD SB950 SATA controllers, and my old HDD and ODD seem to work fine.

(one thing may be worth noting, the ODD has always been a bit weird since I've had the board. It will sometimes not read disks, and restarting the computer will be the only way to make it read them. Also, a problem which went away after updating the firmware of the ODD, was it would sometimes not even show up in My Computer, then reappear after a restart)

Hope this is enough information, please please help if you can! This is seriously confusing situation!
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  1. Sounds like you have a problem with the motherboard SATA ports, Changing the motherboard would be the way to go. Although it would not hurt to do a few additional tests, such as performing a memory test with memtest86 for at least three passes and trying another power supply if one is available.
  2. Sounds like it may be and what I've been thinking. Asus do a good returns system where you can get one sent to you before they take yours back for a deposit.

    But does anyone else have any other ideas at all before I do this? The motherboard has served me well for the last year now, and it's weird that the SSD won't show up in BIOS, but WILL in Disk Management.
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