GTX 470 vs. GTX 285 vs. GTX 260

How do the GTX 470 compare to the GTX 285 and GTX 260?
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  1. GTX470 is fastest, GTX285 is second, at the same time, it is a very overpriced card, and then GTX260.
  2. +1 for ^ 470 is best bang for buck but is a power hungry graphic card and runs very hot.
  3. This thread is almost the same title of an article I just wrote!

    Instead of the 285, I pitted the 250, 260, and 470 up against one another (I wanted to have an entry,mid, and high-end test).

    I tested all three cards (EVGA versions) in a Core i7 rig w/ HAF-922 case. As virrze said, the 470 runs hotter, but it also does a lot of 2D throttling.

    Even if you combine all the benchmark scores for the 250+260, the 470 is still higher. But if you want to spend about half the money and still feel good about your purchase, I'll say the ttp:// was my favorite. I found it ran very cool and has the most overclocking potential.

    I extensively benchmarked each card separately and also combined all the results in my head-to-head article at Link removed.

    Here's a Solid Tip: If you go from a 200 series to a 400, don't try to swap cards and reboot. The 400 series has their own set of drivers. I muddled for an hour trying to find out why Windows kept saying "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter"!

    P.S. DONT FORGET- the 470 is DirectX 11 !
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