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I just installed a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus today, on a Core i7-930. I'm getting temps of 69-70 Celsius at 100% load at about 33 Celsius ambient temperature. Do these temps sound fine? I was getting 70 Celsius at 100% at 21 Celsius ambient temperature on the stock Intel heatsink, so they sound decent. But, as always, I'd like a second opinion.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. sounds a bit high, make sure those screws are down fairly tight.
  2. I have the same CM heatsink setup.
    Gives me about 38-42 degrees Celsius at nominal load.

    and 48-53 degrees at full load.

    Make sure u have the Sink fit tightly, and there isnt any direct contact with the processor.
    Also check if the heatsink compound has rubbed off..
    Go thru the setup instruction again just incase.. i had mounted it the wrong way for instance :-P
  3.'s been two weeks. I think he solved the issue by now. Also, the words are spelled "through" and "you".
  4. Lolz CT.. my bad.. the short hand come's in flow :-(
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