Best system for video work?

I'm editing video for a tv series and was wondering what people thought the best cpu and components are for video work.
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  1. Depends on software and budget.
    For pro work, consider Xeon/Opterons and perhaps a multi-CPU setup with GPGPUs if there are software support.

    What series though? :lol:
  2. As far as software is concerned, I was going to see if i could get by with Premiere Pro since i have the Adobe Master Collection.

    The series is an outdoor show on the Sportsman's Channel.
  3. Then it depends on your budget.

    For Premiere, you should even do fine with even a $600 system like Phenom X6+GT240+8GB RAM, though you can go MUCH higher-end.
  4. i just put together a Phenom II x4 3.4 system. currently with 4 gigs of ddr3 1333, soon to upgrade to 8. Graphics Card is onboard ATI Radeon HD 4290.
  5. That would work just fine, but for you, a 6-core like the 1055t might be slightly more appropriate.

    Note that Premiere Pro CS5 currently supports CUDA acceleration, though you will need a hack for it to wrok oin lower end cards the the GT240 (link)

    It is also possible to enable some of the OpenGL accelerated features of MPE with ATI cards, try seraching around for guides.
  6. Thanks Timop for all the help! will definately check that out!
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