New $750- 800 i7 Build

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: In the next month BUDGET RANGE: up to $900 after rebates


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, Monitor, Mouse, Headphones




ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Would like a window on case, prefer cooler master . Down to Intel i7, 860 or 930
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  1. What level of vid editing are you doing and what apps? Whats the monitor resolution and what type of games? This will help with a GPU recommendation.

    I'd lean towards the i7 860. $230 at microcenter.

    This could work for mobo and PSU $170 amir

    Lots of options for ram, just a quick pick. $100

    Pick a case you like the looks of. They all do the job of keeping your stuff in one place well and if you're spending more than $40 on the case, airflow should be good enough. The aesthetics though only you can make that call on and you have to look at it.

    Depending on how aggressive of an OC you want, I can look for a HSF also. Not sure what the current go to is for price/performance. I'll do some digging.

    Microcenter has the Hyper 212 Plus for $20. I don't see how you can do better than that. Its a very good HSF. You can do better, but you'll be into the $40+ range.

    HDD 1tb Samsung F3 $65:

    Looking further at the MC site, looks like the HDD, Case, CPU, and HSF are all great deals at mc. Mobo is about the same at either. And for the GPUs, ram and corsair PSU, newegg is much cheaper there. Antec and OCZ look to be about the same at both.

    For just the little extra for the ram, might be worth it to just get it all at MC if you're careful. I wish I had one close by. I've got a 2 hour drive to get to the closest one. Not worth the savings in gas cost for just that purpose, but maybe I'll have to find another reason to be over there. Those are some great deals.
  2. I just heard today that microcenter cells OEM CPUs and thats why many stores wont price match with them is that true?
  3. Check my edited post above.

    As for MC, no, its not just OEM cpus, that just means there's no HSF included and it comes in just a plastic tray. MC may sell those, but so does newegg. Both sell retail versions also. If you're going to OC and buy an aftermarket HSF anyway and its cheaper, get the OEM. MC is super cheap on Intel CPUs because they are a launch partner.
  4. ok so i was just thinking and i can spare about another hundred. im willing to go up to 900. I was in frys today and it is actually a tad bit closer and i kind of trust them more than MC.
  5. Throw Fry's into the mix and you can do really well. This ram isn't as tight on the timings, but for $70, a great bargin.

    Also saw the Antec 900 at Fry's for $60. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

    Depending on what you need for GPU (what monitor res and Apps you use?) their PSUs are a great deal too. Doubt you'll need newegg at all between the two retail locations.

    I don't think you should worry at all about MC. They are a national retail chain and legit corporation. Just do your price comparisons, and you'll do very well with this build.
  6. ya i will probably be doing most of it there at frys just because my form of transportation for now hates microcenter so i cant really argue with them haha.
  7. Well, you have great options and if you do a little homework, will get great value out of your purchases. What apps you running for the vid editing and what games you plan to play? What monitor res? If I know this stuff, I can suggest a GPU.
  8. ill be using Sony Vegas. I just have an old Samsung Syncmaster 175v. it is said that the max res is 1280 X 1024 so maybe that? i also have a 720P 32 in. Vizio HD TV in my room i might use from time to time. but im not completely sure.
  9. A 5750 is all you'll need unless you plan to upgrade the monitor. The PSU shouldn't need to be more than 450w or if you want CF as an option, 550w. A 5770 will fit in your budget and you'll max everything for a long time.
  10. do you know any other cheaper ones? I want a cheaper one to really get a bang for my buck.
  11. Bang for buck GPU wise is probably a 4850. $90-$110 if you get one with 1gb ram. If you want to go cheaper, you'll really be cutting performance to save maybe $20.
  12. ok i thnk ill go with the 5750 if i can. ive heard its pretty amazing.
  13. The 5750 and the 4850 perform similarly. Just from memory, I think frys had the GTS 250 for $70 amir. That would be best bang for buck if they still have them in stock at your store and perform the same as these two ATI cards. But only the 5750 has Dx11.
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