RAM causing Windows 7 problems

Hi all,

Can anyone offer any advice with my problem?

I am running Win 7 Pro 64bit on an Asus M4A89GTD PRO with an AMD Phenom II X2 555 (I've got both the "core unlocker" and "turbo key" switches on the mobo on). I originally usied two 2GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 1333MHz CL7 1.7v RAM modules.
I've just added in two more RAM modules. They are both 2GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 1333MHz CL7 1.65v - I slipped up when ordering, intending to get exactly the same but these are slightly different.
Memtest86+ shows no errors after multiple tests with all four modules installed.
Booting up Win 7 with all four modules installed is fine...BUT, there are odds and ends of wierd things going on once loaded:
>Network and Sharing centre says that my LAN connection is "unknown" and "class not registerd" and the system tray icon has the red x. The internet works, but...
>Videos are choppy, and
>There's no sound system-wide (but my sound card is properly recognised)
>In the Event viewer, there are LOADS of DistributedCOM errors

Nothing else has altered, and this is the first time I've ever encountered all of these problems, so I assume it's due to the new RAM, or a combination of the two different types.
I've tried booting using just the two new modules, and the errors are exactly the same. However, booting using just the two old ones now also show the same problems.

I assume that just using the old pair and reinstalling Windows would fix everything, but if there's a way of fiddling with the RAM settings (in BIOS, I assume) to get them all to play nice, that would be awesome - especially if there's some windows fix that means I don't have to reinstall.

Anybody's help would be much appreciated! Sorry for the rather long post...


P.S. sorry for posting this twice, I was being an idiot and posted in the wrong sub-forum...
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  1. Hmm. Not an easy issue to fix since both sets of RAM are now cause this issue. I recommend checking ASUS web site to see what they recommended the RAM voltage should be for that motherboard. Yes it can be changed in the BIOS to match what you have (that info can be found in your MB manual) but, the MB manufacture has a recommened setting for best stability. You should not have to reinstall windows. I would also turn off your "Core Unlocker" and "Turbo Key" just to get your system stable again. Once it is stable, you can turn those things on one at a time to narrow down your issue. Once you get a pair of sticks to work and stable, try purchasing a matching set to help ensure stablity. Good Luck.
  2. Thanks for your advice! I switched off both, and then adjusted the timings in BIOS from 9-9-9-24 to 7-7-7-20 and let it automatically work out the voltage needed. After a system restore, it now works fine, even once I switch the Turbo Key and the CPU unlocker back on :) Tbh, I don't really understand what I did, but it seems to be working at the moment...
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