Fresh hard drive's causing computer stalling

I recently purchased 2x1TB Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM 64MB SATA 6Gbps and put them in Raid0 for Frap's video capture. These hard drives are used purely for capturing RAW footage from fraps.

I have 2x750 WD Blacks in Raid 0 that I was using before, but noticed some sluggishness (that's a different problem aside I don't want to get into). I installed both the drive's and put them in Raid 0 right away. Then I loaded up windows and formatted through Computer management option. They formatted well.

Problem: Every now and then my computer will just randomly not want to load programs, or close them quickly. They take anywhere up to a minute to finally close. I can hear the Seagate's being slighty active (different sound than my WD's). It's not a performance loss, it's just like my computer is saying.. "Nah, I'll chill for a bit".

Other Info: I have my optical drive in Marvell serial ATA 6.0 Gb/s, my SSD in Intel Z68 Serial ATA 6.0 Gb/s connectors, and my HD's in Intel Z68 Serial ATTA 3.0 Gb/s connector

Would it be wise to move my SSD to the Marvel controller, the 2x1TB's to the Intel Z68 6 Gb/s controller, have my 2x750's WD's stay, and move my optical drive to a Intel Serial ATA 3.0 Gb/s controller? Or just keep it as is, computer is using for gaming and video caputure/editing.

My Specs:
Core i7 2600k OC'ed to 4.4 Ghz
ASUS P8Z68-V Pro GEN3 Z68
Coolermaster 1000w PSU
G.SKILL Ripjaws X F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL 8GB
Asus 580 GTX DirectCuII (OC'ed)
1x120G Crucial M4 SSD
2x750G WD Black's
2x1TB Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM 64MB SATA 6Gbps
Win7 64bit

Edit: I'm noticing that when I open the Windows Explorer folder and click on my drive that has the 2 Seagate's installed, everything will just like "unlock". Seem's like these HD's are holding me back.

Also only seem's to happen when I leave the computer, screen goes into power saving mode, and when I move the mouse, the slowness starts.
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  1. Edit/Bump:

    Could it be that the onboard raid controller isn't properly handling it?
  2. Download the diagnostic software for WD & Seagate, get Crystal Disk Info and HD Tune. The last thing you should do if everything passes is the HD Tune benchmark. Keep an eye on your temps through the process, which HD Tune is. If your above 50C it usually works but could be an issue. It won't hurt to get memtest to see if your RAM stick(s) is acting up.
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