Caviar Blue, Green or Black for Stable Storage ?

I'm having a dilemma of choosing which version of Caviar for storage/backup purposes.

I need a HDD which is stable, durable and can last for a longer time.
I'll only use this HDD for backing up my important data once a week, which means I'll just leave it unplug at the rest of the time.

I plan to go for an internal HDD with an external dock, which I think it will be more flexible switching between IN/EXternal usage and getting emergency backup when the HDD encounters any bad sector issues.

For my understanding, a LOW RPM HDD will definitely be more stable than a HIGH RPM HDD. Is it true?

Through my experience, I've a 2009 Caviar Blue, which doesn't has any issue until today, while I have a couple units of Caviar Black 2009 FALS & 2010 FAEX which encountered with some issues (through checking via HD Tune). Beside that, I've also used Caviar Green before, but I felt it is slow when the drive turns from idle to active due to the energy saving technology in it? Correct me if I'm wrong.

So, based on my requirement, which version of Caviar suit me most and which should I go for? Green, Blue, or Black ?
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    Any of those HDD's will be stable, each are as likely to break as each other. Only difference is price and performance.

    Greens - slow, minimal energy savings (nowhere near worth the loss of performance), generally same price.
    Blue - Mid-range, average performance.
    Blacks - Faster and more expensive.

    There are also Red drives, which are a mix of Green and Blue and optimized for mass storage (talking large scale business server stuff). They have no real use in desktops though.

    Or bail out to Seagate, their Barracuda range is a bit faster than the WD Blacks and is much cheaper.
    Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM. $90
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