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Megalahems thermal paste / how long until OC'ing / 1 other thing

1. The parts for my new PC will arrive Thursday afternoon, all except for the video card, which arrives a Friday. Regarding the thermal paste, would it be OK to install all the components, including the CPU/cooler/thermal paste and let them sit for a day until I pop in the video card to power on the system? I guess the better question to ask would be how long after installing the thermal paste can you wait before powering up the system, if it matters at all in a reasonable time frame (24-28 hrs)?

2. I will be using the Megahalems thermal paste that comes with the Megahalems cooler. From the little tidbits of information I have been able to find on this, they say the Megahalems thermal paste will provide the best contact for the cpu w/ that specific cooler. Does this ring true vs Arctic Silver 5 (I've got a tube of that laying around too)

3. After I've assembled my PC, installed OS/updates/apps/etc, how long should I let the CPU run before I start working with the overclocking? (This will be my first OC: intel i7-930 2.8GHz --> 3.8-4.0GHz) If this question is too off-topic I'll move it to the OC thread, but I figured it would be OK since it goes along with the previous two.

Any assistance with any of these questions would be greatly appreciated, and I thank you in advance! ;D
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    I sort of burn-in a new build for 24 hours with Prime95 before I start overclocking it. I'm testing stability and temperatures at stock speed and developing a performance baseline.

    I have been using AS5 mostly, and I have never noticed any significant difference in core temps between initial application and the alleged 200 hour burn-in period.

    My recommendation: build the system, test as long as you think you need to at stock frequencies, then start overclocking.

    Most BIOS' will let you save several settings. This is very handy to get back to a known working state if you overdo something.
  2. Thanks jsc that takes care of question #3. Let me rewrite the first two questions shorter..

    1. Computer parts arrive today, but video card was delayed until tomorrow, and there is no on-board video. Can the thermal paste sit between the cpu/cooler for 24-28 hours safely, and with no sort of conductive loss, if no power is given to them for the duration of that time frame? (until video card arrives and I fire it all up)
    **-or just wait to install the cpu/cooler when the video card arrives so that the paste is freshly applied?

    2. Megahalems cooler + Megahalems paste? *or Megahalems cooler + Arctic Silver 5?
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  4. megahalems thermal paste did just fine sitting in the comp for ~12-15 hours without powering on while waiting for video card to arrive.
    magahelems paste is doing just fine
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