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My wives Nvidia based Motherboard for her Core 2 Quad died,along with the proc (apparently a penny got in the chassis... /sigh).
My question is, since it would be insanely difficult to reformat, and loose all her programs, pictures, etc., could I just switch the Mobo/Proc over to the core i5 proc with the Intel based boards, or would there be problems (freezing etc.) with that. I have read that when upgrading the motherboard, one needs to keep the FSB with the original (Nvidia to Nvidia, Intel to Intel), so my assumption is that would be a problem. My only other option is to switch over to an AMD Proc, with an Nvidia based motherboard.

Any information would be helpful.
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  1. What have you tested? Don't assume the cpu is bad. It may be the power supply or motherboard. You can find a cheap socket 775 nvidia board and try it out. What system does she have? A model number would be helpful.
  2. OK, sorry for not enough info. It's a Windows 7 machine, fyi. I switched the Power Supply, just hung, black screen, no POST or anything. Switched out to a different Nvidia motherboard (from a Biostar TF7150U-MU to an ABit IN9 32x max) still no POST. I then changed out the Processor from the Core 2 Quad (6600 iirc) that was in the original machine, to a Core 2 Duo I had lying around, and still no POST.

    So I'm assuming that not only am I finding boards that just aren't good, but there is a possibility that the Proc's have been messed up from placing them in the bad board from the beginning.

    I've been searching for nib Nvidia LGA 775 Motherboards, but I'm unable to find much, especially cheap. I've basically done everything except purchase everything new, and start over.

    Just looking to see if it's feasible to upgrade to newer CPU architecture w/o reinstalling Windows 7 (I can deal with a few errors on start-up, and honestly, she can too).
  3. Doing that doesnt make for a reliable system at all..just get the new parts you need and get a sata dock and transfer all of her old stuff she wants from the old HD to the new system,you can pick up a sata dock for 20 bucks or so... would you really want to have her using an unreliable system possibly crashing all the time and blue screening........and maybe losing data....
  4. Intel cpus are tough. If you haven't bent the board pins under the cpu, then you probably made a simple installation mistake. It happens all the time. Try a bare post with just one stick of memory, cpu/heatsink, keyboard and video hooked up. Use a non conductive surface, such as a motherboard box or phonebook. With the 24 pin atx and 4 pin 12v leads connected, touch the power switch cluster with a screwdriver. Make sure the power supply switch is on.
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