Computer shuts off randomly

Like the title says,

I looked on google and found a bunch of threads like these, but old. My desktop seems to shut it self down and does not restart. On one of the old threads I found a response that said disconnect the power from the hard drive, so I did and the computer stayed on for quite a while, but eventually shut itself down. Then I started thinking that I had done something to the registry because before this started happening I had changed something in the registry, so I did the disable power trick but instead I pulled the one plug that gives power to everything except the supply and mother board, turned it on, and then turned it off. Then I plugged in the supply again then turned it on and it stayed on for a long time, I ran the registry cleaner and got some 300 hits. I cleaned those up and let the computer sit. Then after an hour or 2 it shut off again. I cant really think of anything that could be causing this. I might aswell throw in that when I turn my computer on msconfig automatically comes up, this started happening after I tried to change the startup app's but couldnt because I got that administrator error. Any theories or solutions to this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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