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Looking into ordering some parts for a new pc, looking for advice on what I could improve and to make sure there isn't any compatibility issues. Haven't kept up with my hardware . Right now the build is 2,051.89 looking to drop that down to 1,500ish. It will be used for gaming mostly, I will also be creating .NET applications and such for work but if the system can handle modern games it can probably do .NET just fine.

Case -

3x 120mm fans and 1x 200mm fans hopefully this will keep the system nice and cool. Not sure though, should I do more for heat since this will be running 24x7.

Harddrive -

Could go with 500gigs as I don't think I will ever use 1TB.

Gfx Card -

Trying to stay away from SLI for now but want to have the option open. One strong gfx card is better then two in my opinion.

Power Supply-

1000W a bit much? Granted I may eventually pop in a second card to this build. Not sure if it will fit in the case either as I didn't notice dimensions for the power supply on the case specs.

Memory -

Not much to say here. Not sure what memory specs are good at the moment. As I hear a lot of the higher up stuff is wasted with current tech.

Processor -

Oddly enough the 920 was actually more expensive, yet this one has a slightly higher multiplier.

Motherboard -

Really need to replace this to save some cash. Way overboard for the build.

Monitor -

Your advice is appreciated! Not looking for extreme top of the line but just below that so it will last for awhile. Feel free to completely redo the build as I said I'm really out of touch on the hardware side of things.
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  1. Ouch $2k gaming rig on a GTX 260? Perhaps u ought to rethink, study/reserach current GPU benches for Full HD gaming and reconfigure...
  2. Bumped that up to a GeForce GTX 465, anything higher and I'm hitting a huge price increase with the 470 and 480. Where would you suggest looking into dropping the price a little?

    Looking to switch out the mobo with this one, looks like I'm just losing some storage speed.
  3. I would say (and almost 100% reviewers all around) go ATI these days?
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 465 1 GB Review: Zotac Puts Fermi On A Diet,2642.html

    Honestly, I’m not sure what Nvidia was thinking with this one. Surely, its competitive analysis team ran these very same benchmarks and found the GeForce GTX 465 and Radeon HD 5830 trading blows. Surely, the same group of folks hopped online and saw Radeon HD 5830s selling for $220, going as low as $199 with rebates. How, then, did they decide that $279 was a good starting point for suggested pricing?

    With Radeon HD 5850s available at $289, just $10 more, that’s unquestionably the route we’d take today.
  4. Niice! Sadly that cheaper mobo is no good as it's only pci 2.0 not 2.1
  5. Updated some stuff on the build, faster memory speed and changed it to the cheaper mobo. Since pci 2.1 is suppose to work in pci 2.0 anyone have issues with that?
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