Resolution Confusion!

Guyz..i have some confusion. I heard that gaming at comparatively higher resolution..
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  1. ..taxes your gpu as more pixels are needed to be drawn. In 1280x1024, if my math is right,..
  2. ..1,310,720 pixels are needed to be drawn per square inch.For 1440x900 and 1366x768 the amounts are...
  3. ..1,296,000 and 1,049,088 respectively and respectively 14,720 and 261,632 pixels less..
  4. You do know that you can fit more than one line of text into one post, right?

    As for your math? You're right except that the number you get isn't per square inch - it's total. 1440x900 is a lower resolution than 1280x1024, and the same goes for 1366x768. Higher resolution does tax your GPU, but it has to be an actual higher resolution, such as 1680x1050 or 1920x1200.
  5.,mathematically,those resolutions should tax the gpu less which mean higher fps..
  6. What did you mean by actual resolution?
  7. i am posting through my cellphone. n for some weiard reason it restarts after writing few words
  8. evan4244 said:
    What did you mean by actual resolution?

    actual HIGHER resolution.

    Meaning the increment must be significant. If it is just a matter of 200K pixels, you may not notice significant increase/decrease in fps.
    But you are correct, the less pixels, the less taxing it is to the GPU given the same graphics setting ( Anti-aliasing for example).
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