asus motherboard in hp m9426f issues?

hi everyone here is my problem i swapped an asus motherboard set up in my home theater case to see if it was in working order and it powers up and post/ goes to windows 7 perfectly . i try same board setup in my hppavillion m9426f case using 2 pins for power button processor fan comes on and board green light comes on but just get black screen on monitor does hard drive indicator light have to be hooked up for it to work there a wiring diagram somewhere that anyone might know of so i can properly wire hdd light,power switch so this asus motherboard setup will work in hp case? i wondered if one o black or yellow wires on 4 pin plug going to motherboard not geting power but 2 yellow light up using test light any help would be great as new mother boad works fine just cant get it to display in hp 9426 case.
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  1. No, the HDD light need not be hooked up for the computer to work.

    This is what HP has on your computer.

    Here is what HP has on your MB.

    Asus has nothing on your MB because it was never retailed, it was an OEM board for HP only.

    In order for this MB to work it need it's OEM HD, or a new copy of windows.
    Did you keep it's OEM RAM with it when you moved it to the new case?
    Did you leave any standoffs behind when you switched MBs?

    Sorry I can't help much more.
  2. hi noworldorder, i have all the info on original board/ tower from hp site thanks for link though. as mentioned the asus P5E-VM HDMI board/cpu i am tring to put in the hp 9426 case as a replacement works fine in my test case(home theater case). western digital hard drive is brand new has windows 7 ultimate.i used ram that came with new asus board so i keep new asus board all the same.switch whole setup to hp case and it only starts processor fan and green light on motherboard comes on. samung monitor light just flashes. must be a wire difference somewhere not letting it fully come on. hp case kinda has built in standoff but i will have another look.
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