Is my RAM running in dual channel?

Hi all,

Long time reader, first time poster, sometimes confused, always willing to learn ;). Thanks for the help you all have given me many times without knowing it!

I recently upgraded to an i7 2600k on an Asus P8P67 deluxe motherboard. I am running a 2x4GB Mushkin Enhanced Silverline Stiletto PC3 10666 (DDR3 1333) kit for memory. I have the timings set at 9-9-9-25 (as per #4 JEDEC) at 1.5v.

I can not tell if it is running in dual channel. I understand it is supposed to be, and it might be by default, but is it shown somewhere? CPU-Z (1.57) has the "channels" greyed out. I did read on their forum that some of the newer boards and memory are not reading correctly. I won't fault them - it's a helluva job keeping up with IT and I can barely follow it AFTER you guys all do.

On my old Asus board, during the start up POST it would list the RAM and then, in brackets, say (Dual Mode). This one doesn't say that, it just lists the total RAM and 1333.
Is there another way to tell? Do you need any more info to help you help me?


** Corrections made to the RAM and speeds: Apologies! Never post in a new forum (no second chance at first impressions :( ) after a 12 hour, and before dinner. Second, definitely have the smarter-than-you girlfriend read the post - she is awesome.
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  1. If you have the RAM sitting in either both of the black slots or both of the blue slots, it's in dual channel.
  2. I think to run Triple-channel RAM as mentioned you need to have 6 RAM slots with RAM in every second slot (one for each channel).

    Plus, I have the same board and my RAM only runs in Dual-Channel anyway, doesn't impact me at all but unlike you, I have 4x2GB.

    RAM bandwidth is so plentiful it won't affect your day-to-day tasks such as gaming, FPS in those games or benchmarks like 3DMark 06, 11 unless you benchmark your RAM bandwidth too.
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    On your board, the two blue slots should be used for dual-channel with two sticks.
  4. Thanks all!

    @violentlyhappy91 and Leaps-from-Shadows: I should've been more specific in the OP. It is running in A2,B2 (blue slots) which is what the RTFM recommends.

    I also grabbed another tool (AIDA64, which used to be Everest) and it lists the clock and effective clock (which is double, and I take it to mean "dual channel").

    @joytech22: No, I don't benchmark (except for idle curiosity). I just want it to be as stable and fast as I can make it ("as I can afford to make it" ;)). I wasn't sure I was getting all that the RAM could give me, and as there are other choices with higher clocks and XMP profiles, I wanted to be sure.

    Thanks everyone! :)
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