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Hey there i have a dell xps 420 computer and here is my computer info.

intel(R)core(tm)2 duo cpu E6850 @ 3.00ghz 2.99ghz ram 3.00 gb
system type 32-bit operating system with a geforce 8800 gt graphic card if i want to max out my pc what would i have to get i would want to have the best pc i can have?
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  1. You don't really need the best pc possible to max everything.
    First of all what is the budget?is the pc for gaming?
  2. well i would want my pc to be able to play crisis 2 in HD at at max setting what would i need to get to be able to do that?
  3. well, we don't really know as the game hasn't been released yet. though it will depend also on the resolution you play. but my best guess is that if you're going to play it at most at 1920x1080 i would say a triple core or quad core and a 5850 or gtx 470.

    as basically all articles are saying you won't need a better system to play crysis 2 maxed as long as the pc can play crysis 1 maxed already, so that would be my guess. a 5770 might be able to handle it with lower resolutions but i doubt it will handle it maxed with high, or very high resolutions.
  4. Yes, at least a 5850 or 470 graphics card, with luck that will be enough, if it is not you will have to consider replacing CPU/mobo and RAM for a goodTriple/Quad core processor
  5. if he's going to buy such gpu he needs to buy new cpu also, otherwise it would be a waste because the gpu would be being bottlenecked!
  6. It will be bottlenecked but he may find it still gives enough juice to play his games (although Crysis will likely be a brute). Assuming he buys from newegg there is no harm in just buying a gpu then saving cash until he can afford the other parts too (as there tends to be no shipping cost so it does not matter if things are not bought all at once)

    Of course, if he has the cash now I would replace the cpu/RAM/mobo
  7. and psu, because i bet that this computer doesn't have enough power to power better cpu/gpu
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