Vacant RAM space.

O.K. this is what I posted earlier and also I would like to say that one of the main reasons I posted it in the first place was that my machine is capable of 667mb's on the RAM and is only running at 333mb's. So without further delay here it is:

Hi, I am looking for some discussion on putting more dimm sockets in the vacant space of Acer Aspire M1202. Now I don't know how to so I am looking for discussion on the subject of what kind of sockets to use and how to install them. First, in my journey of looking at sockets I discovered that there was a couple of different kinds that have numbers like 15 and 30 connectors; and I don't know which one mine takes. Also there are things that I found out like; that the connectors at the bottom of the socket have to go to something right? And all I found on the motherboard when I was looking; was little solder dots or holes. What am I supposed to do? Melt them? Just to open this discussion up a little bit further; This same question probably comes up a lot with this make and model of machine(Acer Aspire M1202) and I am hoping for a definitive positive response. So, first we have the sockets (which to use I have no idea). And then, on the other hand we have the motherboard; with its little solder dots (that I can't figure out if they are the connectors or if you are supposed to sink the socket connectors into the motherboard.... Oh yeah, the motherboard has two holes per socket(one at each end). So...where to get the sockets and how to install them is the topic for discussion.

I am really only triing to get info on using the empty RAM space so I can increase my RAM.
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  1. Your DDR2 667MHz ram will run at an active 333MHz (clock) speed Dual Data Rate will give it an effective speed of 667MHz which is the advertised speed.
    Input into the discussion on adding slots I have nothing to add to what was replied to you last time apart from that if you do not already know what to do then it is not even feasible to attempt it because of the difficulty of doing it..
  2. Here is the simple.....If you had to buy an acer and not build a pc then you should not even think about adding slots to your mother board...I don't even think you can...otherwise they would have already!
    Those sockets you are talking about, I don't think you can buy them..and the nanufacturing process they use is wave soldering so you can't even install them if you get them..

  3. I have already replaced all of the parts in the machine (GPU,CPU,PSU,RAM,HSF,HDD) and now I am looking for a way to get all of the machine parts to run at tip top instead of sluggish like it is now. All I need is a little boost of RAM or I am facing putting a new motherboard in (and we don't even want to get into that). I gotta do something but every time I go to the main event of installing a new motherboard all I get is fan noise(fan going at full speed and I don't know what to do) and sometimes no signal (three boards I have sent back because of this) and I have to send it back to the company because I don't know what else to do. I even took it up town to a computer shop; and the guy could not figure out what the problem was; when I went to take it back home he said "drivers after install" and "check the BIOS"...even after all that it did not run. So I am trying to get something together with the vacant space that looks like it could take 2 sockets (for ram). The embarrassing part of it is I put a lot of money into this machine and it still is barely pushing 1.2gb's of RAM (even with the 4gb that I have installed) at 333mb output per GB of RAM .....I'm barely pushing 1gb of RAM in the whole system. I have windows ultimate and can not even install the 64bit version (I still am a 32bit). REPLY
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