A quiet upgrade from an 8800GT; $200 budget

Hi guys,

I bought a Sapphire 8800GT about 2 years ago and I'm considering an upgrade, partly because it's showing it's age and partly because it's pretty noisy. Any suggestions for an upgrade that is around $200, quiet, and if possible, power efficient?

Here are my specs:
Intel E8500 Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHz
600 W PSU with two 6-pin PCI connectors (but I'm willing to change this to suit the card's needs, exclusive of the budget)
Intel DG33FB motherboard
22" display running at 1680x1050

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    Hi, Welcome to the forum.

    Your post reminded me of this review
    The card is very capable at your resolution for all but the most demanding games and even then if you dont mind turning the detail levels down a notch it should hold up fine.

    I feel it pretty much ticks the box's you specified and is a good balance between quiet/efficient and capable.

  2. Sapphire 8800 GT? It's probably a different company, lol.

    It looks like your best bet is the HD 5770, or HD 5830 if you can still find one for around $220 dollars, with specials and what not. Your current 600W PSU would be fine for either the HD 5770 or HD 5830.
  3. thanks for the suggestions, I'll check those out... :)

    and yeah, sorry, my bad, it turns out to be a Sparkle 8800 GT... got confused there... :na:
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