First build, PSU problems?

Hello,I just finished my first build! It all boots up fine, everything works graphics, hdd etc. However, the PSU is stupidly loud. Unbearable. I'm not sure if this is a problem with the PSU? As the reviews said it was silent. Is there anyway to slow the fan down? Or should I contact the makers, or Ebuyer from where I bought it from? Thanks!
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  1. Specifications?
  2. Sorry, yeah!

    Powercool 750w PSU
    M489GTD Motherboard
    4GB Ram
    3.4Ghz x4 AMD Phenom
    HD 5830 Graphics

    ANything else?
  3. 750 watt PSU in that price range is going to be hit and miss on the silent part. Looking at the amp ratings it is hard to believe that is a 750Watt more like 450-500watt
    I suggest replacing it with a quality unit from Corsair or Antec. Here is one although it is 550watt it is more powerful
  4. £70 for a PSU? It's gotta be this one: XFX 650W XXX Edition.

    Better just replacing it as who knows if that PSU won't fail and potentially damage other components in the process.
  5. If it's unbearable, it's likely somethings wrong with it (probably the fan within the unit). There are a lot of good psus out there. I'd suggest a return and then going with antec or corsair. I know rolli just said the same thing, but a little positive reinforcement never hurt :)
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