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I recently bought a system with a 930 and a 470gtx. I'm planning on doing some upgrades but I don't know where. First I though an ssd but seeing as it's very expensive and gives no real improvement to gameplay or overall computer coolness I think I'm not going to get one. So I'm leaning towards a new display solution. I've got a benq g242hdbl or something like that. It's a very nice monitor but It's to normal fo my liking. So my option are:

Buy an acer 24inch 120hz and go with nvidia 3d.

Buy 2 more benq's and go 2d surround.

Now here's my problem: I would prefer 2d surround but I only have 1 470. And I don't have the money to buy more screens and a 470. I have a 9800gt in my mom's pc which I could replace with some cheap ATI card. So then I would run 3 screens of my 470 and 9800gt as physx. Would that work(well)? Also why can't you run 3d on a 60hz monitor at 30hz? Or can you?
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  1. You can do, either, you need a 2nd GTX 470 to run surround and 2+ monitors,

    only other way to do it with 1 GPU, is to use a Matrxo Triple Head 2 Go Digital, (i have one, and its up for sale as well)
  2. I thought you could run a screen of a phyx card?

    But that matrox thing costs too much might just as well save for another 470 then.
  3. 3d vision isn't that awsome it also decreases performance i've tried it and i didn't like it much it makes the game so much darker about the physicsx thing i don't think that it will work

    the idea is the 120hz is used to display alternateding left and right eye views, the shutter glasses sync themselves with the graphics cards and the monitors and close shutters over each eye when the left or right view is displayed. That make sence?

    You can't use a 60hz monitor because the refreshrate of the monitor / tv is nothing to do with the FPS being displayed, most monitors can't display at rates below 55hz, and a good number of games run at 60FPS. Also while 1080p normal plays at 30 or 25 FPS, 720p can play at 60.

    the best thing to do is save some money get another gtx 470 save some mony again and by 2 monitor for 2d surround (it also helps in some games bec u get the extra view)
  4. Thanx for the clarification :D

    Yeah I don't know why I mentioned 3d vision I was leaning stornly to 2d suround anyways. But I was told you can run monitors of a physx card I could be wrong though. Well that sucks.
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