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Hello, I have a prescott 533 845gl/gv MB I tried connecting a geforce 6600 so that I can run windows 7 but I cant install the card please help
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  1. THe 6600 comes in AGP as well as PCIE interfaces. So when you say you cannot install the card it could be because the card does not physically fiit into the slot. More information is needed including the MB model and the card specs also.
  2. The Intel 845gl/gv board has onboard video and is not intended for use with a discrete graphics card. It has 3 PCI ports but not even the older AGP video slot let alone PCIe.

    They do make PCI graphics cards, but thhey are not going to be very fast:

    Edit: I am not aware of the graphics requirement for Windows 7 so don't know if any of the above will provide the graphics power needed - any others up on this?
  3. OP must have tried to install a 6600 into a PCI slot.
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