Urgent help needed. best case for dual reservoir setup.

I am ordering a new case today for a watercooled system. What are the best options for Rampage 3, 2 x gtx480s, with dual reservoir water cooled system. I had wanted Silverstone TJ09 but have been told it is not suitable. I did have the TJ07 so would like a change if possible. Thanks for any sugestions.
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  1. Hello fergie;

    Take a good look at the Cooler Master Haf 932. Plenty of room for a bottom reservoir and 5 1/4" drive cage reservoir. Will handle a triple 120 radiator in the top of the case too.

  2. Its going to sound silly but I just don't like the styling. Although it does offer everything I need. Are there any Lian Li or Silverstones that would work?
  3. the corsair 800d or 700d(I prefer the latter because I don't like windows) are good choices.

    I also don't like the styling of the haf series ;) but what is wrong whith your tj07?
  4. New system just be nice for a change.
  5. aaah so you don't just have it lying around uselessly?
  6. Cooler Master Cosmos S should handle 2 internal reservoirs and a triple 120mm top rad.

  7. I'm selling my old pc with the TJ07. I don't like the coolermaster cases for some reason.
  8. what's wrong with the 800d/700d?
  9. 800d is a possible I'm just not sure. Any news when TJ11 is out. If very soon maybe I can hold on.
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