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Hi all,

Problem in my laptop HDD: Seagate,320GB, S2, 5.4K, P11, SGT-WYATT

Yesterday I got the error 2000-0146 (HDD error)... checked everything and i have planned to buy a new one.

Actually I am going to the IT market for first time to buy a component.

My queries are :

1. are there any duplicate HDD in the market?
2. If yes, then how to determine the original one?

What should be the price of 320GB, S2, 5.4K, P11, SGT-WYATT (seagate) and 500 gb ?
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  1. You do not need the same exact model of hard drive to replace it.
  2. Take the Laptop with you and tell them you need a new HDD for it. They will probably try to sell a bigger / more expensive one. So ask for a 320 Gigabyte model if that was big enough for you so far.
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