Microphone static while boost is on

I hope this is the right forum for this cause it's an on board soundcard on an Asus mobo.
So I've been trying to do a little broadcasting using a standard headset (Plantronics brand) and what I noticed after playing back one of my streams was there was a constant static noise throughout. I've managed to isolate this the boosting and starts at like +13~15 dBs. However, without the boost, nobody can hear me and I can't hear myself if I record a simple track on Windows recorder. So it's like I'm stuck with voice with static or no voice at all.

Anything I can do?
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  1. Unfortunately boosting the Mic input means not only amplifying what it hears but also the noise floor.
    That is to say that a byproduct of amplifying the input is a noisier recording.
    This is especially true when you consider that you are using an inexpensive CODEC to perform the amplification.

    If this is something you enjoy and think you will be doing for a while, it would probably make sense to invest into a bit of gear.

    As an immediate solution I would recommend looking into a dedicated microphone preamp.
    In function a preamp will work similar to your sound CODEC's boost function in that it amplifies the microphone signal.
    As you have dedicated hardware for performing the amplification however the sound quality will be greatly increased.
    Amazon has Quite a Selection, unfortunately I am none to familiar with mic preamps and would not be able to recommend a specific model.
    As future upgrades, a dedicated sound card and higher quality microphone would make good investments.
  2. thanks for the reply, I will probably need to get a better microphone to start since the headset one is not great but I didn't really expect to have great sound either, just to be able to hear voice without static.
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