HD 5770 Crossfire beat HD 5870 Single Card..?

Are Hd 5770 Vapor-x Crossfire can realy defeat Hd 5870 Single Card in all Gaming Experiance..? :fou: :fou:

I mean all latest game in market.

It is ok if i' m not change my CRT Monitor.? It is different between view with CRT and LCD...? :ouch: :ouch:
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  1. I was under the impression the 5770 CF was closer to a 5850
  2. So... Its better i sold my HD5770 and buy HD5870 than making my HD5770 CF...

    I rather spend my budget to RM1,500 then making CF cost for RM1,300.... :-)
  3. Rustyy117 said:

    Thanks for sharing that article, crossfire 5770 will run about 320 not including tax if you live in California and shipping. And that article shows that a 5870 runs most games better, and it is $100 more. I say unless you don't want to save up then the 5770 in CFx is very nice but it is worth saving up for a 5870 since it is only 1 card you can crossfire that later in the future, it offers better performance too.
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