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I'm a college student and when I went home from spring break this year i noticed that my computer had roughly 2700mb of RAM free but when i returned to school i have about 1900mb of ram free. What can be causing this decrease in RAM that is available?

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  2. There could be many reasons for this;
    A new program is eating up memory
    Malware is eating up memory.
    Some programs, if left running can cause memory leaks.

    If you get time to play around, AND ARE CAREFUL, type msconfig into the run box, tick the "Startup" tab, and google what's running in there to see if you really need it.

    The Bleepingcomputer database can help.
    Also, download and run Malwarebytes to make sure you don't have a virus.
  3. You RAM free varies on how much you have open, the less you have open the more RAM is free, I wouldn't be worried about it.
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