ASUS M4A88TV-EVO/USB3- SouthBridge Error?

I recently purchased an ASUS M4a88TV-EVO/USB3 from Newegg.

All in all I have only one complaint about it:

ASUS and newegg both list the Southbridge as SB710, but CPU-Z, AMD OverDrive, and various benchmarking programs are telling me the Southbridge model is SB700.

No big deal in and of itself.. But I can't get anything to detect my GPU (Edit: Or Sound Blaster PCI Card), I mean I have it installed and Windows detects it, but no Benchmarks detect it, no program reads temperatures, and Voltages are a generic value that never changes. It's listed as an empty slot in generally everything, making it very hard to test safety/efficiency of my overclocks.

Does anyone know if there is some sort of "fix" to make it detect the proper southbridge or did I somehow get a mis-advertised product?

System Info (Hardware):

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
AMD Phenom II X2 555 BE 3.2GHz Revision: RB-C3 (Unlocked to Triple Core 4.32GHz B55 on air, 100% stable),
Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600 RAM, 8-8-8-21 1T (2x2GB)
XFX Geforce GTS 250 1GB Core Edition
WDD 320GB HD, 16MB Cache
Generic DVD +/-RW Drive.

Overclock Info (in case of relevance, runs 100% for days now stable but perhaps it is affecting the detection):

(Just pause the slideshow and go through one at a time)
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  1. Bump: Just to note that heat isn't an issue:
    CPU idles at 33C, has never gone above 43C (even with 3 hour AMD Overdrive stability test)

    Motherboard stays at 29C, never higher or lower.
  2. Which programs have you tried? Have you tried GPU-Z Riva tuner, MSI afterburner and so on?
  3. All but GPU-Z. Will try now, thank you for suggestion.
  4. So it's detecting everything, but it is SB700.

    Is it worth calling ASUS about this? I mean I don't see how a board gets the wrong Southbridge, but either it's labeled wrong everywhere or I got a rare board.. Here's the difference frtom SB700 to Sb710, I don't need ACC since I've unlocked my CPU but here they are anyways.. Think it's worth trying to replace it?

    All features from SB700
    Super I/O
    Advanced Clock Calibration for enhanced CPU overclocking
    Direct communication channel composed of six data pins which were previously reserved between the CPU and the southbridge
    Advanced Clock Calibration (Option available with AMD OverDrive software 2.1.1 and later)

    I am going to ask them what's up with this either way.. Either every piece of documentation on my motherboard is wrong.. Or I really did get an SB700 southbridge somehow..
  5. I believe that the programs can not define between the 700 and 710 south bridge since it was just a minor upgrade with the same functionality.
  6. So I got the driver from AMD's website hidden way in the back..

    And now I find out it's actually an SB750 chipset..

    I have a Nvidia GPU installed so it just kept giving different results.. But I did find the proper driver finally.

    HOW TO for anyone sharing this issue:

    Under "Motherboard/Integrated Video Drivers" click your OS>

    Under "Optional Downloads" there is a Southbridge Driver all-in-one installer.

    Turns out it isn't an SB710, or an SB700.. I have an SB750.

    They really need to make this process a little more straight forward or perhaps document the driver download locations.
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