Grahic card for gta 4

Hello every one

1.i wanna play gta 4 wihtout lagging

intel i7 860 @ 3.6 ghz
asus maximus iii formula
2 gb of ddr3 ram

2. If there is a differnce beteen gpu speed of 500 mhz with cuda 128 core and 666 mhz with a cuda 192 core

thanks in advance
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  1. What is your max budget?
  2. Aneesh@4GHz said:
    What is your max budget?

    upto 150 dollars for now.

    if i cant run the game then according to your suggestion i may increase my budget
  3. A HD5770 will play GTA 4 fine, and is within your $150 budget (maybe not max settings though, depending on your resolution)

    2GB of RAM really isn't enough for gaming, So I suggest you add another 2GB when you can.
  4. hi ruff! OmgitzFatal is right, you will need to add more RAM to make games run smoother.

    You will have to spend a few more bucks but what you will get will be better than standard 5770:-

    Just be sure you have good airflow in your case
  5. well, it depend on your monitor resolution...
    What is your monitor?
    Agree, adding another 2 gb of ram will help a lot...
  6. Without a resolution we can't help too much. My 4670 can max some games smoothly at 1366x768 that it can't even run at 1920x1080 on lower details smooth.
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    yeah ruff that is an important part. What i gave was the best in your range. But if you play on a resolution like 1366x768 a 5770 would be a overkill.
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