Motherboard with most SATA 6 connectors?


I have the following rig:-

1) Ok, I got an SSD drive (samsung 830 256Gb) and love the speed even though I only have SATA 2 on my motherboard! I'm considering getting a new motherboard that supports SATA 3. All I need to know is what 'gaming' (higher end/overclock friendly) motherboard supports the most SATA 3 connectors (internal). The best I could see was expensive (over £300) and only supported 4 (or 6??) x SATA 3 and the rest SATA 2 with a maximum of 12 sata connection, I think. It is this one:-

2) Also am I right in assuming that all motherboards that support SATA3 would also support USB 3?

3) Also would a newer board require a different cpu?

Thank you
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  1. 2) Most motherboards that support SATA3 support USB3 as well. Also, far as SATA3 ports go, really only need two: one for the boot drive (The SSD in your case) and one spare for a HDD. Far as opticals, storage drives, etc, all you need is SATA2.

    3) Best mobo that Newegg has in stock for Socket 1366 is this:
  2. Ok, thank you!

    That motherboard is about £270 over here in the UK. I might spend a bit more and upgrade maybe.
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