I want a computer for $1500-1800 TOTAL

I'm going to be builing a computer at canada computers and I really need some good advice on what kind of parts I can get to get the job done. I'm not buying for the future, I'm buying for the tasks of today. I want to run evey game "Including Crysis (On high/enthusiest)" With smoohe frame rates.

What are recomended sweet spot parts that I can get the best bang for the buck?

I'm thinking

i7 940 $299.99 CAD
850-1000 Watt power supply $169.99
2x4 GB ram memory $249.99
antec 900 case $109.99
ATI 5870 v2 $489.99
Mobo $???.?? (not sure what a good gaming mobo is)
DVD combo drive $29.99
Barracuda hard drive 7200 rpm $80.00

What other things should I give/take to have a good first rig with great power for any of todays tasks?

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  1. You cant do it for that price. To run crysis at max settings on enthusiest you will need to spend 2300 to 3000.
  2. and even then you will be at a min FPS of 55, and still may have low FPS when running V sync.


    you will need every thing to be different in yoru list except for maybe the case.

    I'll post you the cheapest build you can do and be able to run crysis and Metro 2033 on max settings.

    Just wondering what resolution are you running?
  3. Mobo: GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R Price: $210

    CPU: i7-930 (over clock it to about 4ghz) $290

    Case: Haf X 942 Price: $225 shiped

    PSU: Antec 1200 watt powersupply needed to power your gpus. Price: $250

    Memory: G. Skill ddr 2000, low latency ram Price: 280-300

    Hard Drive: 2 1TB drives to run raid , Not required but recomended. price 100 with one drive, or 200 for 2 for running raid.

    Media drive: get what ever the cheapest blu reader/dvd burner combo is, should be between 80 and 100. Lite on is who i recomend to buy brand wise.

    GPU's: 2 gtx 480's, i recomend evga or xfx due to the life time warrenty. Get the cheapest oen of those brands you can find. Price 490 each, for both 1000

    Total Build Price: $2575 USD
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