Which one is better 1tb WD blue or Seagate baracuda

hi guys, i want to buy a 1tb hard disk for my rig.Its gonna be my primary drive.First i was buying WD caviar green 1tb because it was cheap, but after reading lot of reviews i am thinking of getting either WD caviar blue or SEAGATE baracuda ST1000DM003.Seagate give 1 year warranty whereas WD give 2years minimum.Please suggest me which one these is better and why.Thanks
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  1. 1 yr vs 2 yr. Choose 2 yr. Problems do occur from time to time.
    I prefer Seagate, but 1 yr is shxx

    Why not WD 1TB Black? It's a 5 year warranty.
  2. i don't have a budget to get the black..
  3. There's roughly a $30 difference between the Blue and the black. I would save up, and get the black myself.

    Far as the two, I'm still using a 4 year old WD Blue, so I would go with the blue.
  4. Newegg. Blue is $92 with 2 yr warranty. Black is $108 with 5 yr warranty.

    I'm sure Blue is ok, but if you want longevity...
  5. if you care about performance, here is a comparison between the 1tb seagate model you asked about vs WD black 2tb (couldnt find the 1tb of any of the WD drives :/)


    on many benchmarks, it gets pretty close to the same scores, and in some beating it, such as in average throughput read and write, seagate gets ~150MB/s, where WD only ~105MB/s
  6. I would get the wd blue they are pretty similar but seagate is known for their hard drives failing, i have the wd blue 1tb and it's great, if you decide to get the blue get this WD10EZEX it's the one i have.
  7. As a side note, stay away from the green drives as an OS drive. They're built to conserve energy by sacrificing performance. In a laptop where battery life is limited I could see using a green drive, but in a desktop, no way.
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