Cannot Display This Video Mode.Change computer resolution.

Hello,I am having a really bad problem.I bought this PC a year ago and I started to get an error message ''Cannot display this video mode.Please change computer resolution to 1280x1024 60Mhz.It appears when I am trying to play a game.It comes totally randomly and with some games it does, and with some it doesn't.
It comes basically after 30s to 15 minutes (depending on the game).

Things I have done:
1) Cleaned my computer from dust and etc and I think that the heat is not a problem because that resolution error comes at around 50 *C though I noticed, that as soon as I cleaned it well, the error came slower (but it still did).

2)Changed computer resolutions endlessly, and also in-game resolutions.That doesn't change anything

3)Changed refresh rates.

I really want to solve this problem because it has been driving me crazy and I have yet to receive an answer.

PS: My video card is Ati Radeon HD4850 and If I have to include more information, then please tell me which information and I will do that.

Thank you
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  1. Did you download the latest drivers from your manufacterer's website?
  2. mister g said:
    Did you download the latest drivers from your manufacterer's website?

    Yeah I did,I think I have all my computer drivers up to date.
  3. Well go to your PC's websire (be it Dell, HP, eMachine, etc) and check for new drivers. New drivers improve on performance and add compatability with new games.
  4. I have all my drivers up to date ^^,The problem has been around for quite some time and I don't think that drivers are causing this.
  5. If your games can play it take out the video card and try to use the Intel IGP to play the game.
  6. I don't think that this would solve my problem : o
  7. It would help as it makes sure it isn't a graphics card issue.
  8. But that error comes when I play like high-GPU Requirement games and well, some less graphical games but I don't think that IGP can run them D:

    PS: The problem has worsened I think, now it comes with some of things that it didn't come with before.
  9. Got another pc you could test the card on?
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