Samsung SSD 730 and clean install of win7 64 bit

After around 10 hours battle and excessive forum reading I still haven't found solution to my problem.

When trying to do clean install of 64 bit windows on my new samsung 256gig SSD 730 the windows setup sometimes doesn't recognize the SSD drive. I was able to find SSD few times, mainly when I plucked additionally HDD in as well but there were problems with rebooting (computer got stuck on black screen with little blinking white _ so had to reset and after that windows installation just became corrupt I think).

BIOS recognizes the SSD drive without exception, but windows 7 installation doesn't.

I've tried to format the drive, updated BIOS on my MSI P6N SLI motherboard, reinstalled somehow win 7 twice (must have failed 50 times) and tried several different installation setups including all the possible boot orders I could think of with these 2 variables (one bluray drive and one SSD drive). My latest attempt just failed to boot from SSD several times during installations' restart, until I lifted SSD from table. Could heat (or lack of such) affect how device works? I haven't right type of rig to hold the SSD drive so maybe it just gets...too cold?

(sorry shooting blind here)
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  1. removing SSD from sata powercord for few seconds and plugging back in helps with boot up, but now the SSD drive just gives Blue screen of death with windows install.
  2. It sounds like it could be a problem with the device? maybe the SSD itself, or the cable or the port on the motherboard. The fact that when you moved it made a difference points to that anyway.

    Can you change the cable for a start?
  3. I have tried with 2 different cables, both worked fine for two my old HDD's and ports I used never been used before. However I am using those old S-ATA cables that have no clip to hold them still.

    At some point a program meant for formatting (and provided by SSD manufacturer) said that SSD is in frozen state and I should take powercord off for few seconds, I did it and then program recognized the drive.

    Also interesting note is that sometimes (super rare) I manage to boot into windows, sometimes it just flashes that white _ on black background, however when I close windows it start to "define update" and every time it seems like computer restarts on 15%.
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