Help choosing my first gaming pc?

First one:…
ATI 5850, core i5 @ 4GHZ £878

Second one:…
GTX470, AMD Phenom II X4 955 @3.6GHZ £811

Third one:…
ATI 5870, Core i3 @ 4.2GHZ: £870

I need to know which system would perform best in gaming and general use - but mostly for gaming. I will be playing games such as MW2, CS:S and L4D2 on max settings on a 24inch monitor.

(ps. i am slightly discouraged from the GTX470 system because many seem to have temperature issues, but it's very tempting due to the good processor that comes with it... and the price.)
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  1. Anyone... please :O?
  2. hi
    if u want to know which option is best for gaming then third one. but if u get ati 5870 and amd phenom 2 x6, then that would be better. i know people say that x6 processor of amd isnt good for gaming but u can overclock it and also in the future games will start to use more cores and then the performance will increase. else try to fit in core i5 with 5870 to get a good boost. hope i helped.
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