Can not connect to internet/ trojan

Hey all. OK my buddy has a HP that got a Trojan. Now he has avg free ver and it said that it was cleaned. I also ran spybot and that's coming up with nothing. It was a Trojan that wanted him to buy some anti virus crap. So now he can not connect to the Internet in any way,shape or form.

I tried a system restore and it says there are no restore points and I also tried to restore from the factory image and that was a no go. The last one I was able to do when he first got the computer. He also does not have any disk's that comes with it. He is running vista 64 bit.

Any help would be great
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  1. Go to the Vista restore area, and find the option that lets you make a restore CD. I think that can allow you to do a format with a fresh install of Vista.
  2. I have a vista disc if need be. But then I would have to go to hp and download all the drivers to get the pc up and running again right?
  3. Uh what he should do is download the drivers now and put them on a thumb drive. Because part of what he will need is the driver to activate the LAN on his motherboard.
  4. 1. Run Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

    2. Go to %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts ( systemroot is usually C: )
    And delete everything in the hosts file. The trojan may have added some values to there so windows blocks DNS'ses from the internet.
  5. So can I burn the malwarebytes to a disc so I can run on his comp?
  6. You can run it from a CD, if you cannot download it from his computer, dl it on another machine, put it on a usb stick/CD then install on ur buddies PC and run a scan.
  7. Thanks I will try that :)
  8. netsh int ip reset via command mode
    You could download MSE, it's quite good and FREE!
  9. Seen this a few time the past month. Easy fix.

    Try to get online, when it fails, click tools, internet options, connections, lan settings, make sure both boxes under proxy settings are unchecked. Now you will be able to get back online.
  10. Sorry it took so long to post back :(
    Daship you were right on the money! That worked, thanks again everyone :)
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