Bootcat.cache solutions not working, please help

For the last month I have had to do the following:

I am dual booting windows 7 and XP but XP seems to have it's own problems and I have grown to really liking windows 7.

I have to load the boot screen, boot windows 7 files from USB key, run the command prompt and replace the bootcat.cache file found in windows\system32\codeintegrity\ with one I have saved in another folder on my computer. Then I have to restart and load the boot screen and change to booting from my harddrive first in stead of the usb key.

Needless to say this is incredibly frustrating.

The solutions for this problem have not helped me so far, most places on the internet say to delete the bootcat.cache file and restart but it does not work.

I transferred the bootcat.cache file from my wifes laptop and it seems to work.

The only difference is that it takes a little longer to load up and once I am in windows it seems a little slower in certain areas but games, which are demanding, seem to run fine.

If I do not follow the above procedure and boot as normal I will get the BSOD every time.

Please help me here.

I have scanned multiple times but to no avail and I simply do not want to start fresh.

Any thoughts?

thank you
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  1. Hello loopylulu;

    For the last month I have had to do the following:
    What was happening prior to the last month?

    What order were XP and Win7 installed?
    Did you follow an online guide? If so, which one?
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