The Mighty Mini (Work Log)

First off i'm not sure where this should be posted, So if this is not the place could a Moderater please put it in the correct place. ;)

I have posted pictures of my rigs before but never a work log so please be easy on me and guide me in the right direction. :D

Please commit and suggest anything i am open to new ideas and suggestions. :bounce:

I will start with the parts used in this build.


Lian Li PC-V351 (I liked this case and the Antec P series case for the Micro ATX builds but in the end i chose this)
OCZ 700W PSU (Small size and good wattage)
EVGA X58 SLI Micro (Just a good M/B for a Micro build IMO)
64GB SSD (I was going to do two WD Raptor drives in Raid 0 but picked this up cheap so we will see)
1TB WD (For Media Drive)
XFX 5870 ( I had a 4890 W/C but switched it out for the newer 5870)
OCZ 1600MHz 6GB 3x 2GB (I was going to use Corsair as shown in the pictures below but used it in another rig so OCZ it is)
i7 975EE (I have had this for sometime and decided to use it here)


EK Quad Rad 120.4
EK Supreme CPU Block
EK 5870 GPU Block W/backplate
2x MCP355 Pumps with tops and res tube
Some Black Hose and a lot of BP items
(Fittings and More)
NB Fans

So here we go the first pics:

Sorry about the pictures they were taken with my phone :??:

I will update as i go. Thanks for looking so far. ;)

The Crazy Female Modder
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  1. Should be a nice little rig. Keeping my eyes on this one :)
  2. Pyroflea said:
    Should be a nice little rig. Keeping my eyes on this one :)

    Thanks for the comment! :D

    Here are some pics of the External rad stand so far:

    I like these feet they are worth every penny spent on them!!! ;)

    I'm using a BP quad rad grill and MNPCTech case feet to make the external rad mount shown. I have also used the same MNPCTech case feet on the case so they match.

    I think i will be adding one more pump and top to this setup. I tested the flow and was not that happy with it. I will see later and make changes if needed!!! :??:

    I also changed out the res tube to a smaller sizes the 150 just looked to big on top the rad stand.

    What do you guys think on adding a second pump to the loop?

    The Crazy Female Modder
  3. This'll be interesting.
  4. No one interested in my build? LOL
  5. Subbed to this, I wanna see how this turns out. Looks great so far.
  6. Nothing much for an update just some more questionable pics from my cell... LOL
    Some pictures of the hose routing from the pass-through :

    Thanks For Looking!!!

    The Crazy Female Modder
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